No Red Face Formula


Let's begin this review by explaining that the No Red Face Formula is not a magic pill that will prevent you from embarrassing yourself, but rather is described as a cure for what is known as Asian flush, Asian glow, or an alcohol allergy and is easily recognizable due to the red blotchy appearance that appears on the face or the body when certain people drink alcohol.

It is estimated that 50% of the Asian population and 8% of the general population suffers from this allergy due to the fact that the bodies of certain individuals are unable to successfully break down acetaldehyde, a toxic by product that occurs when individuals consume alcohol. When the body is unable to break down this toxic substance the toxin spreads causing such symptoms as red and swollen blotches on the face and/or body, increased heart rate, respiratory tightness, throbbing headaches and painful hangovers. In many cases, simply consuming one drink can bring on some of these symptoms however, the No red face formula is suppose to aid your body in breaking down acetaldehyde and result in the disappearance of all those symptoms that are so uncomfortable.

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No red face formular

What Exactly is The No Red Face Formula

The No Red Face Formula is a 6 step program that involves the ingestion of all natural ingredients that assist the body in metabolizing acetaldehyde. The natural ingredients can all be found in health food stores and they are inexpensive to purchase.

The program is presented in a 59 page document that explains step by step what you need to do in order to cure your alcohol allergy once and for all. You simply follow the program and according to the website you can begin consuming alcohol within minutes of starting the program.

Does No Red Face Formula Work

Of course if you are one of the people who suffer from an alcohol allergy what your really want to know is whether or not the No Red Face Formula actually works. According to several different testimonials scattered across the internet No Red Face Formula does work. One person who wrote testimonial even stated that he actually tested the formula at home, and found that he did not get red faced, or have a hangover although he did have blood shot eyes.

Other people who wrote testimonials stated that No red face formula did work to relieve their redness and other symptoms when they had a drink or two.

Benefits of No Red Face Formula

There are several benefits of using or at least trying No Red Face formula. These benefits include:

• Prevents some or all of the symptoms of an alcohol allergy.
• Uses all natural ingredients so there is little chance of any negative side effects.
• Comes with a 60 day refund policy, allowing you to try this formula practically risk free.

Cons of the No Red Face Formula

The major negative of the No Red Face Formula is that this formula actually reduces the effects of alcohol on your body. Without these negative effects some people may be more inclined to over consume alcoholic beverages, which can result in some people becoming alcoholics. In addition, consuming large amounts of alcohol can have a negative effect on your overall health.

In conclusion, while no red face formula can help your body metabolize acetaldehyde so you suffer none of the symptoms of an alcohol allergy users need to understand that drinking should be done only in moderation.

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