Help Me I'm In Love With An Addict


Everyone knows how addiction can effect the life of the addict, but not many people are aware of the effect that addiction can have on the spouses or significant others who live with a addict and watch them slowly destroying themselves. People who are in love with addicts feel they have no place to turn to get answers to their questions or advice on how to avoid getting caught up in the emotional roller coaster of dealing with addiction. “Help Me I'm in love With An Addict” is an Ebook that can help those people who are living or in with an addict, deal with the many ways that addiction can affect and interfere with their own life and happiness.


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Questions Answered

“Help Me I'm In Love With An Addict” answers your questions about what you can realistic do to help the addict. It will help you to understand why the person who is addict doesn't seem to care about how their addiction affects you and why no amount of begging, pleading, or arguing is going to force them to seek help.

It also can help answer your questions about what you can do, to not get so wrapped up into the life and the addiction of the person you love, that you give up your own life and live in the shadow of that addiction. It will also help you to answer the question of whether you should stay in the relationship or leave.

Getting Your Own Life Back

“Help I'm in Love with Addict” will also give you tips and advice on how to quit living under the shadow of addiction and the steps you need to take in order to find your own peace and start getting your own life back on track. It gives advice on how to let go of those destructive emotional patterns that are keeping you from being happy and at peace.

Does “Help Me I'm In Love With Addict” Really Help?

Of course by now, if you have been in an a relationship with someone who is addicted to alcohol or drugs you have probably read various articles and books on addiction, perhaps you went to meetings of Alanon or even had a few therapy sessions all to little avail and now are wondering if this Ebook can really help you. The simple truth is, that the information contained in “Help me I'm in Love with an Addict” is just that information.

It can give you insight into the mind of an alcoholic and your own reactions to the problem and seeing someone you love destroying themselves. There is a saying that knowledge is power, and having the knowledge that this book offers can help you to see things in a new light and know there are things you can do, to turn your own life around. It is up to you whether you follow the tips and advice given in the book, but at the very least you will know that there is something you can do to improve your own life and get back your own sense of self.

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