Important Things in Alcoholism Statistics

Statistics of Alcoholism Pertaining to Teens

Believe it or not, the alcoholism statistics in teen use is quite staggering. In 8th grade alone, more than half have at least tried alcohol once, while a forth of 8th graders have been drunk. Alcohol use increases dramatically for 10th graders. Nearly three-fourths of all 10th graders have tried alcohol, while almost half have been drunk.

The statistics again increase in 12th graders with slightly more than three-fourths having tried alcohol, while nearly two-this having been drunk. More than a forth have binge drank in the last two weeks. These statistics show just how prevalent and widespread alcohol abuse is. Given the health problems related to alcohol and its apparent physiological and psychological effects, educating youngsters about the effects of alcohol abuse is very important.

Statistics of Alcoholism in Families

Alcoholism statistics in families can be equally as staggering as those in teens with nearly 6.6 million minors have at least one alcoholic parent, further cementing in stone the reality that alcohol can affect, even damage families, and even increase the chances of the minors becoming alcoholics, creating a vicious cycle of alcoholism. Tragically, nearly 500,000 American kids as young as 9 become addicted to alcohol, and given the often fatal effects of alcohol, this is truly unacceptable.

General information and Statistics of Alcoholism

More alcoholism statistics are just as shocking, if not more so than alcoholism in teens, in the amount of money, the number of people addicted, and even those whose families have suffered due to habitual and uncontrollable alcohol use. The monetary cost of alcohol abuse and dependency topped $220 billion dollars in 2005 alone, more than the funds used to combat cancer ($196 billion) and obesity ($133 billion).

Nearly half of all adults are related to an alcoholic or former alcoholic. This shows how easy it is to obtain alcohol and further drives home the reality of its widespread availability and abuse. 20% of alcoholics die due to withdrawal systems, mainly because of a lack of intervention. Retired men and women are also more apt to alcoholism. Financially, alcoholics may spend up to 20% of their total income on alcoholic beverages. An interesting fact of genders and alcoholism is that males are three times more dependent on alcohol than females.

Statistics of Alcoholism Pertaining to Drunken Driving

One of the most dangerous things one can do is drinking while driving. Alcoholism statistics involving drunken drivers is another unbelievable, unacceptable statistic that hints at irresponsibility and recklessness that continues to claim and ruin lives. 2009 alone saw over 10,000 fatalities involving intoxicated drivers with over .08 blood alcohol content. In 2009, 1,314 young teens (14 and under) were killed in traffic fatalities, though 14% involved alcohol. 51% of these deaths were passengers in cars operated by a driver with a BAC level of .08 or higher. Another 15% were pedestrians struck by drivers with a BAC level of .08 or higher.



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